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Enhance Customer Experience with NPS Survey Software

Have a lo...ong list of satisfied customers? Let them do the talking for you! Turn your customers into your product ambassadors by collecting genuine promoter feedback with NPS survey software.

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Customer Loyalty

Your customers are your prized possession

Create NPS surveys and gather customer opinions on your services and features. Close the loop by analyzing the results and implementing improvisations to enhance their journey and experience. Catch the intent of a dissatisfied customer and immediately build improvement plans to avoid fallout.

  • Improve customer experience

  • Build improvisation roadmap

  • Increase customer retention

  • Reduce customer fallback rate


Customer Touchpoints

NPS Surveys that reach your customers anywhere, anytime

Reach your customers via all possible touchpoints to avoid any misses. Survey them through the channel they are comfortable answering on. Create your NPS survey form and route it as per your customer presence and engagement with NPS survey app.

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Website

  • Intercom


Your Way to Beautiful NPS Surveys

Transform your NPS surveys from simple feedback collection to a powerful driver of customer loyalty and business growth. Leverage BrewSurvey's extensive library of advanced features to gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback.

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge real user reactions and analyze sentimental ratings for your product


Aesthetic Forms

Brand your forms the way you like so they look aesthetically pleasing


Follow up Questionnaire

Keep the conversations going with smart intuitive follow-ups


Response Management

Devise management & growth plans based on your responses


NPS Questionnaire

Create NPS questions that your audience would like to answer

Choose from an existing template or create a customized questionnaire for your survey. BrewSurvey is a step ahead to ease your NPS setup in seconds.

  • Pre-existing template repository

  • Customizable questionnaire


Kiosk Surveys

Increase the productivity of your in-person NPS surveys with kiosks

Transform your Android and iOS devices into purposeful survey kiosks. Set the device to display a handful of customer questions and collect responses through kiosk surveys.

  • Engaging Interface

  • Loop Survey

  • Auto Survey Submission

  • Turn Tablet into Kiosk


Customer Segmentation

Crystal clear segments on your dashboard

Segment or respondents based on their responses. Categorize them based on their net promoter score and devise strategies to cater to each segment.


Skip Logic

Implement response-based question sequencing

Leverage skip logic to show questions based on respondents' previous answers. Easily apply logic to questions and collect responses that matter.

Powerful insights at your fingertips

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers and elevate your decision-making with our robust reporting and analytics platform.

Instant, In-Depth Reporting

Get detailed metrics like total responses, average completion time and ratio, drop-off rates.

Real-Time Survey Results

Track survey responses as they happen, giving you the most up-to-date pulse on customer sentiment.

Customizable Reports

Tailor reports to your specific needs and focus on the metrics that matter most to your business goals.

Flexible Data Export

Download survey results (CSV, Excel) to seamlessly integrate existing analysis tools.

Grow with Your Customers. Try BrewSurvey NPS Survey Tool.

Identify your customers as promoters, passives and detractors. Analyze NPS survey responses and define strategies to transform their experience with our net promoter score survey tool.

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