BrewSurvey Question Types

1. Single-Choice

Single-Choice question type is useful when you’re asking your respondents to choose one option from a predetermined list, or when asking them to select the option that comes closest to their own opinion.


2. Multi-Choice

Looking for multiple responses from your customers? Check out the Multi-Choice Question type, which will help you collect multiple responses from one question. And of course, it will help your analysis to be more precise.


3. Emoticon

Ask people question which is not in the text format. You can use a range of emotions to get the right sentiment out of people. Emoticon based questions are the best for one tap answers. People like to answer it more as everyone these days use emotions to express their feelings.


4. Like/Dislike

Like/Dislike is a quick and easy way to get a pulse on the customer sentiment. Collect quick and actionable insights by asking closed-ended questions which can be answered by tapping a simple “YES” or “NO”.


5. Text

At times people tend to give their feedback in own words, Text question type will help them to enter their comments about the product you offer or the event you just organized or the service that you provide.


6. Rank

The Rank question helps respondents to order a list of different choices according to their preferences. Now, easily compare items to each other by analyzing the order of preference, thus allowing you to evaluate the most preferred choice quickly.


7. Email

No need of collecting business cards & other physical documents when you can collect email addresses from event attendees/visitors & sync the details to the server using this question type.


8. Phone Number

Collect valid phone numbers for sending them tips, discounts, offers and much more.


9. Numeric

When most of the answers are text-based, there are scenarios where numeric details are needed. Numeric question accepts only numbers as the valid input. You can use this question type to get exact values, such as miles, tons, acres, dollars.


10. Rating

Represent Rating question instead of radio buttons or checkboxes, use the star rating question type to incorporate the greater breadth of answers with a bit of nice animation and interaction.


11. Numeric Scale

Select a range of 1-5 or 1-10 to rate a product or brand along with a well defined, evenly spaced continuum that helps in measuring the direction and intensity of attitudes.


12. Image

If you are into market research or even simply services sector and doing data collection, we understand that images are a must to make your collected data extra solid. With image question, you can capture images of products, vehicle audits, location scouting etc.


13. Dropdown

Use dropdown question type to choose a single option from a long list, you can either write them manually or upload the list of choices in CSV format. For example, use a Dropdown Menu when asking for different toppings of Subway.


14. Date

Let it be about collecting contact information or requesting an available date or reservation, you can use the date question to receive and store a date in a precise format.


15. Accept/Reject

These days many survey or data collection forms come up with additional terms and conditions clause, to address this exclusively we have come up with Accept/Reject Question type.


16. Contact Details

Use this question type to collect comprehensive contact information from respondents. It includes fields for entering name, email, phone number, company, and other relevant details.


17. Matrix

This question type appears like a grid with multiple items or questions having the same answer choices. For most survey respondents, the length of the survey does matter, therefore consume the least amount of space in a survey by using this question type!