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Offline Survey Tool

Take Surveys 15000 ft under or above with Offline Mode

Internet is not a restriction. You can jump the barrier and take surveys no matter where you are– A new country? A remote location? Or Bad network? Cut internet costs and collect data without any distraction, whilst ensuring the data is stored.

  • No Internet required

  • Instant Data Sync


Online Survey Tool

For Everywhere Else There’s Internet

Online surveys and forms are your go-to for customer data collection, lead generation, research, or event feedback. You don't need any coding knowledge to create or analyze our forms- our simple, easy, and sleek dashboard makes creation and execution a piece of cake! Get instant form submission alerts, and downloadable PDFs with response data every 24 hours, or as you please.

  • Download Responses in CSV

  • Real-Time Results

  • View Responses Instantly


Sentiment Analysis

For the em🥰️tional and the c🥶️ld-hearted

Basic question options will never help you uncover your customer’s deepest sentiments. And so, we introduce Sentiment scans that will help you dive deeper into evaluating your customer’s true opinion with more strategic answer entries and give you more than just results — decision driven discoveries.

  • Get Detailed Data

  • Better Answer Format

  • Actionable Feedback



Don't Lose Your Identity, Take It Everywhere

No defaults can match your style. With our survey tool you can add your personal branding tones, colours, logos, and wallpapers. Say “No” to boring and basic surveys and forms. Give your customers a full-course experience of your brand with our clean and user-friendly solution.

  • Customize everything

  • Better Brand Experience

  • Visually Professional

Trust The Experienced

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The Most Impressive and Reliable Solution for Surveys


BrewSurvey has an offline functionality that allows this platform to collect information even without an internet connection and the collected responses are synced automatically once the device network is restored. It allows its users to personalize surveys and their company logo and customize the design thus enabling them to maintain their brand consistency.

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IT Manager

Feature Rich Mobile Surveys and Forms

Skip Logic

Show questions based on respondents previous answers.

Data Validation

Validation of all input fields, numbers, and email addresses ensure accurate data.

International Languages

Create surveys & mobile forms in your local language.

Sentiment Survey

Evaluate customer's opinion if it is favourable, unfavourable or neutral.

Survey Without Internet

When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.

Brand Your Surveys

Now personalize surveys with custom background image, logo & improve the experience for survey takers.

16+ QuestionTypes

Create surveys & mobile forms by using more than 16 different question types.

No limit response Collection

All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.


More Than One Way With Our Survey Tool

Ask Smarter Questions, Get Smarter Answers

Data Collection

How do you feel about our product?


Real Emotions

How satisfied are you with the employee benefits?


Defined Feedback

Rank the employee benefits in terms of most value


Make Customer Experience, An Unforgettable one

A must-have for your in-store business to improve your feedback rates. If your offline stores have smartphones or tablets, you can turn them into interactive survey kiosks by installing BrewSurvey.

  • Answer-based question flow

  • Loop Surveys

  • Interactive and personalised questions

  • Auto Submission

Customer Experiences

Our Customers


Insights & Analytics

Do Everything. Get Everything

We're real-time to the second. Get all information from total responses, average time to completion ratio and drop-off rate easily on your choice of devices. Do more than just asking questions, make survey making & taking- fun. Furthermore, get insights on respondents' sentiments, and question-path journey.

  • Use voice in questionnaire for language barriers

  • Create custom survey reports

  • Download survey responses in CSV

  • Accept/Reject option for Terms & Conditions Questions

  • Get GPS location of the survey-device

  • Capture Pictures with camera-equipped devices

  • Create visual Line & Pie Graph reports

Insights and Analytics