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Powerful Features that You Need

Available on Android & iOS

Turn your iPads and Android Tablets into amazing feedback collection tools. Collect data anywhere even without internet.


Analyze Survey Responses in Real-time

Collect surveys & feedback report instantly along with detailed insights such as total responses, average time to complete the survey, completion ratio, drop-off from surveys etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Create custom survey reports that suits your specific needs & analyse accordingly.

Real-time Survey Results

Get real-time survey responses as soon as they are being collected in various formats.

Download Responses

Easily download your survey results in CSV format for analyzing data of a specific survey.

Intuitive Survey Builder

Start build stunning and beautiful surveys with the most intuitive user experience.


Make Surveys an Extension of your Brand

Improve the strength of your brand identity with Brew Survey that allows you to add your logo, font color, image blur, overlay and custom background.

Portrait & Landscape Orientation

Take Survey in Any Device Orientation

Allow survey takers to use devices in any orientation

Brew Survey supports portrait & landscape mode on mobile as well as on tablets.

Survey takers get a seamless experience in any device orientation. So you don't need to stick to one device orientation. This sets us apart from the competition.

Delightful User Experience

Get better engagement and higher response rates with captivating feedback experience

You can create surveys in multi-screen (one question per screen) presentation format. This helps customers to focus on the question at hand and also allows you to brand survey with your logo.

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