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Powerful Features that You Need

Works without

When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.

Unlimited Data and
Responses Collection

All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.

Data Validation

Validation of all input fields, numbers, and email addresses ensure accurate data.

Branding & Personalization

Now personalize surveys with custom background image, logo & improve the experience for survey takers.

16+ Question

Create surveys & forms by using more than 16 different question types.

Skip Logic/Conditional Branching

Show questions based on respondents previous answers.

Sentimental Survey & Analysis

Evaluate customer's opinion if it is favourable, unfavourable or neutral.

International Language Support

Create surveys & mobile forms in your local language.

Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime with our Mobile Form

Use mobile forms app to conduct field research, inspection forms or questionnaires & capture data through iPads, iPhones, Android tablets & smartphones.

Survey App

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive & beautiful forms that are made for respondents to quickly and easily fill them.

Capture Photos

Capture photo with any camera-equipped smartphone or tablet.

Map Co-ordinates

Capture GPS location of the device while the survey is being taken.

Terms & Conditions

Record acceptance of terms and conditions using our "Accept/Reject" Question type.

In-Person & Kiosk Surveys

Conduct in-person surveys or setup smartphones and tablet as interactive data collection & survey kiosks.

Survey App

Engaging Interface

Simplify respondent's journey with our clear and intuitive survey design.

Loop Survey

Run survey in a loop and turn devices into survey or data collection kiosk.

Auto Survey Submission

The survey will auto-complete if user stays idle for more than a minute.

Turn Tablet into Kiosk

Transform your tablet into an interactive data collection & survey kiosks.

Creating & Designing Surveys

Create beautiful surveys and mobile forms that feel like your brand in no time.

Interactive Survey Builder

Build stunning and beautiful surveys & forms with our intuitive Survey Builder.

Conditional Branching

Make survey more relevant by showing questions based on respondent’s previous answers.

Customizable Design

Create branded surveys & forms that are aligned with your brand identity.

Interactive Preview

Interact/Preview surveys and mobile forms right from the dashboard

Get actionable insights with
powerful analytics and reporting

Collect surveys & feedback report instantly along with detailed insights such as total responses, average time to complete the survey, completion ratio, drop-off from surveys etc.

Survey App

Real-time Survey Results

Get real-time survey responses as soon as they are being collected in various formats.

Reporting & Analytics

Create custom survey reports that suits your specific needs & analyse accordingly.

Download Responses

Easily download your survey results in CSV format for analyzing data of a specific survey.

Interactive Charts & Graphs

With illustrative Line & Pie Graph, visualize the reports in the best possible way.

Survey App

Make Surveys an Extension of your Brand

Surveys & Forms are customizable to match the look and feel of your brand, down to your colors, logo, and wallpaper. No more boring looking surveys and forms. With our clean, user-friendly design, they"ll just look beautiful and provide a seamless experience for your customer.

Here are a few ways to customize a survey:

  • Upload your company logo
  • Upload Customize Survey Background
  • Apply Custom Text Colors and Text Backgound Color(Overlay)
  • Apply Custom Button Color and Button Text Color

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