Why use Offline Mobile Forms for Data Collection

August 7, 2018
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April 6, 2018
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August 20, 2018

Offline Mobile Forms for Data Collection using iPad & Android tablets

As it’s known, "data is the new oil" since most of the industries and organizations depend on data that helps them make quick decisions & conclusions based on the information collected. Companies need to understand & map their customers’ needs with more accurate statistics, details and more profound insights, this is why companies tend for surveys to regularly collect real-time and updated data that help them in understanding the target market & complete their daily data collection tasks using smartphones, iPad or Android tablets.

Collecting data could be trickier using the traditional paper-based system as the workers complete tasks and fill out forms, while in the field that consists of a clipboard, pen & paper. In this method, data is collected manually on a form and brought to the office where all the data are fed to the computer in order to provide context and meaning to the collected data. This method of collecting data can lead to problems like data loss, inaccuracy, the time taken to complete the data collection task could hamper the efforts of even the best teams.

With the wide use of smartphones, iPad & Android tablets organizations have found a new and better method for collecting data using mobile forms that can be created using form creator software without any technical knowledge. Mobile forms are applications designed for smartphones and tablets that allow for the creation and submission of forms with multiple types of form data. By moving from paper to mobile, organizations are able to benefit from a robust data collection platform that is faster, affordable, higher quality and easy to retrieve the collected data at any given point of time.

Some organizations stick to the paper-based documents rather than switching to mobile forms is because of this misconception that mobile forms only work when the device has an active internet connection. Which is untrue, no matter how remote the area is, mobile forms are improving business efficiency by collecting data from any location.


Mobile Data Collection using Brew Survey Mobile Forms:

Our Mobile Forms ensures that your work gets done even when there is no internet connectivity. Use Brew Survey as an offline data collection tool to create Mobile Forms – a simple to use drag and drop platform to convert your paper forms into mobile data collection app. Field personnels can now access these forms in offline mode, fill up responses and the data would automatically be synced to the backend server once the devices regain connectivity.

Whether its your iOS or Android devices, these forms would work without any mobile network. Field workers can now collect data hasslefree without having to worry about hotspots or trying to get a signal. Besides with offline forms you can assign tasks & evaluate the work with our robust dashboard & automated reports with illustrative pie & line graph.

Offline Capabilities in using Mobile forms:

Save anytime:
It stores all the collected data locally on the device until the device gets re connected to the internet.

Branch & Skip:
Show or hide questions based on the answers to other questions with no connection to the server. Collect quality data no matter how remotely you are located at.

All the filled data are entered in the required format, collect error-free data using Brew Survey’s mobile forms & export the data thats accurate and informative.

Submit the form anytime. You don't need to make sure if the device is having an internet connection to submit the collected details.

In this modernized and global world, data collection using mobile forms makes a lot of sense. They reflect a sense of social responsibility as an effort to go paperless as well as adapting strategic business decision. When all communication becomes virtual at some point, why not have all the information that you need in a place that is retrievable from any location, at any time?

Download App: Mobile Data Collection

If you have some small feature requirement or enhancement, feel free to reach us at support@brewsurvey.com

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