Upgrading to Brew Survey 2020 Pricing Plan

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August 29, 2018
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April 19, 2023

We have upgraded our existing subscription module to new pricing plans. Under our new pricing plans, we are offering the online survey and data collection(Survey link) feature.

Now, you can either choose to continue using the existing subscription or upgrade your subscription to our new pricing plans. In case you are planning to upgrade, you first need to cancel all your current subscriptions as these will no longer be supported in due course of time. After that you can proceed to purchase the new plan.

How does the ‘New Subscription Module’ work?

The New Subscription Module consists of two base plans namely GROWTH & BUSINESS. You need to purchase either of these two base plans depending on your requirements.

By purchasing a base plan, you can start using the online data collection (survey link) feature. While in the case of offline data collection (devices), you need to additionally purchase device slots (as an ADD ON) on top of the purchased base plan.

Even after the purchase of a new base plan, the devices already enrolled in the old subscription will never get unenrolled. In fact, more device slots can also be purchased till the old subscription is valid (check renewal date) and your offline data collection continues to function without any interference.

Once the new plan is purchased, you can find your old subscription under the ‘Old Subscriptions’ tab. The survey responses will remain intact & be secured even after you upgrade the plan.

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