Importance of using Skip Logic in Surveys

August 29, 2018
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August 20, 2018
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September 15, 2020

The main reason for conducting surveys is to uncover the answers, rather not relying on "gut feelings" to make important decisions. Conducting surveys may seem to be a simple task, but when it's not done correctly, it wastes time and money. Hence, to make the survey more relevant & to gather quality data it's always better to use logic to the surveys you create.

What is Skip Logic?

Asking irrelevant questions to respondents may irritate them which indeed increases the possibility of not completing the survey. The basic reason for conducting any survey is to make it short & as relevant as possible. Skip Logic, also known as survey routing or branching, allows the respondent to skip over a section of irrelevant questions by applying a condition to the survey you create.


Benefits of using Skip Logic:

Conduct short & crisp surveys:
Shorter surveys always provide the possibility of completion, when the respondents see questions that are relevant to them, it will save their time & improve your data quality.

Match your questions to the survey participants:
Surveys should be like interesting conversations which keep respondents involved & keep unnecessary questions at bay. .

Skip logic helps in asking relevant questions:
Instead of getting random answers which hampers the data quality it's always better to ask questions that relate to the respondents. Skip logic helps in displaying questions that are applicable to the respondents.

Uses of Skip-logic:

- When a question is irrelevant to some survey respondents.
- Increase the chance of survey completion.
- Use one survey rather than multiple surveys to gather a variety of information.
- Help respondents finish the survey in less time.

Example: For a question like:

Kindly enter your age group:

A) 20-30
B) 31-40
C) 41-50
D) Above 50

Respondents who answered "C" will only get to see the questions that you've selected for them & can "skip" other questions, without even knowing that the other questions exist. This way you collect quality data by showing relevant questions to the respondents.

Note: Always add skip logic after selecting the question types, once you apply logic to your survey, you should not add, delete, or change the sequence of questions that you've set. It's always better to edit and test it's functionality from the dashboard before publishing it to the devices.

Create surveys & apply logic to your surveys from Brew Survey dashboard in minutes!

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