5 steps towards Customer Engagement

December 28, 2017
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December 20, 2017
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January 10, 2018

Fully-engaged customers represent 23% more revenue than the average customer (Gallup Study). If you still believe Customer Engagement is a waste of time, you can stop reading this blog. If you do understand that you could make 23% of revenue more this year, then it is time to set up a Customer Engagement strategy.

Customer engagement is very closely related to customer satisfaction. There is no engagement if there is no satisfaction. As a consequence, customer satisfaction has to be your goal number one. An engaged customer is an Ambassador of your brand. He will recommend it and be a loyal customer. Here are 5 points to work towards Customer Engagement.

1. Branding

Customers do not get loyal to a product, they become loyal to a brand. Branding is “The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind, which creates a lot of trust in the customers’ mind. How to create a good Branding? Branding is the set of images, colours, slogan (etc) together making your brand’s theme which can shed a visual impact. Implementing a good theme is important for customers to remember the brand and to identify to it.

As soon as customers will see the picture of your theme they will identify it to your brand. As soon as they will hear the music of your advert they will identify it to your brand. The more they think about your brand the more engaged they can be.

On an average, a customer goes through 18 different sources of content before making its buying decision. All the content created around your brand has to be made for your customers, it has to be solutions to their problems so that they make their purchasing decision on your product. You have to show your customers - through your content - that you understand their needs, and that they can relate themselves to your brand.

According to a study by Google, 48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from mobile website providing instructional video content. This should give you all the reasons to focus on your content.

2. Feedback

The aim of this step is to create an efficient feedback loop. Feedbacks are useful to make sure your customer is satisfied. They also are useful for reviews, insights, and information about your customers. Let’s get a closer look here.

In Canada, 57% of future customers do check the online customers’ reviews before going to a restaurant. You may have a guest book in your store, most of the reviews you get are “It was great, thank you”, nothing very useful to improve a product.

Gathering feedback through a survey is the easiest way to get relevant feedback to improve your business. Ask the questions you need and get answers to better your business engagement.

Feedback will allow you to gather information about your customers. This information will be very useful to improve your customers’ engagement process as well as smooth running your business. Remember that customers make your business successful.

Feedbacks will also help you get insight for future products from your loyal customers. You can ask them what they want to see next. The fact that you are putting them into the production process will increase their engagement towards your brand.

3. Community

Community marketing is related to your influence on social media. Social media are nowadays the easiest way to reach your customers. You can make a fine community out of posts, comments, pictures, review, etc. on social media.

On popular social media channels like Instagram and Twitter, repost and retweet all pictures of your product posted by your customers. Make sure you answer all posts related to your brand.

Social media can also be a live support platform. Make groups of users on Facebook, humanise your brand.

Adding reviews on Facebook increases the time a customer usually spends on your website by 9,9%. Adding a review on Twitter will increase the time your customer spends on your website by 35%. Is not that exciting?

4. Customer service

In order to improve your customers’ satisfaction you have to improve their experience. The best way to do that is to ensure an efficient customer service.

80% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience, as it adds value. We can also state, thanks to a RightNow study, that 89% of customers changed their purchasing habits to go to another brand after facing a bad customer service. Working on customer experience will offer great opportunities to your business.

Only 7% of customers declare customers service have been higher than what they expected when buying a product. 93% of your customers are still to get convinced that you and your customer service are the best. This 93 % represent your opportunities to better your business.

5. Personal outreach

This is the last step to increase your customer engagement. You have to make sure your customer is special. Show him/her that they are important to you.

Thanks to the information gathered with surveys, you can send to your customers, a personal offer for their birthdays, or the day they did register on your website for the first time, for example. You can also send offers each time your customer has come back after a long time, this will engage his loyalty.

You can also decide to make it easier for your customer and select a choice of products especially for him. This is what Amazon or Netflix does to always offer you what you need: the good product, the good movie based on the choices which the customers have made previously.

For example, you could install a kiosk tablet in your store and run a quick quiz to learn for your customer's preferences. Brew Survey offers you real time results on its Dashboard, so that you can directly address the right products your customer is looking for. You can also implement a quiz on the homepage of your e-commerce portal, so that your customers don’t have to waste time looking for what he needs.

To conclude, working towards customers engagement is not an easy task but it is crucial for a healthy business. Simple everyday habits will soon make your customers more satisfied, more active, and more engaged. Always remember that we live at a time when the customer is the king, and the expectations are high. 66% of customers expect that you will know their personal choices/preferences and service history when they reach out for support. Make sure you don’t disappoint them.

If you have some small feature requirement or enhancement, feel free to reach us at support@brewsurvey.com

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